First snippet on the Music page. The song called „Clackering Man“ and it’s about one of my nightmares. Have fun.

Let’s start the journey of KUNST. I’m working on my first album right now.

I’ll share new music in a way of snippets, too.

This website is selfmade, hope you like it. Hehe.. Now, I understand the way of WordPress.

I love art in many ways. Here is a place to share your creative artwork as well..

I’ll create a gallery here. KUNST ist more than a music project.. If you’re up to the darkest side, and you have still hope, against your fears and still loves the sun.. It’s you, too.

Feel free to get in touch for collaboration: mail @ peggyjohanson . de

If you love KUNST so much and you will offer us the big deal, get in touch with the management. Pssst! He is a karate kid.