New music video.

A cover version of Alice Cooper’s „Desperado“. The lyrics of this song introduce myself so very well. I had no choice. Do you love me or do you hate me?… You are talking to a character anyway.Sometimes it’s tragic, sometimes it’s magic.

The „Clackering Man“ is out now!

* The song is about common people wearing invisible masks – playing chess with your mind and feelings. Finally I found the exit to continue my journey. *

New video out now!

The song called „Volcano“.

* When an avalanche breaks out in you, which is waiting for you nearly for thousands years. Then, you can only be dealing with a volcano. If you have calm down yourself again, you stand in the ashes and it’s the sun that gives you the warmth here down the street at the sea. Birds are my companions. You can spot them very high in the clouds at the end of the video. Look closely and you will find me in the mountains. *

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