Happy Halloween night

First I wanted to paint my face, but I think I’m looking fine with my natural face.

My computer has a hardware failure after 11 years. Great!
It will take 3 – 4 weeks until my new one (in pink/red) will be ready.
If there is someone out there who can speed it up. Please, do it. 😂

Well, I don’t need a computer for making music. You know what I mean…

Mach mit, mach’s nach, mach’s besser…

My family gave me this beautiful tube microphone. And I get my first professional vocal coaching from Denmark – every week. What a great gift. They wanted me to take a picture and I said to my partner: Get away, here comes a rock star!!! His answer: No, you are not, … but you could become one.
So, most of the time, I laugh at myself.

Politics: Rock’n’Roll

Religion: Rock’n’Roll

Impressions on the beach

Oil painting

I only had one baptism in my life – the baptism of Neptune. Not a joke. Yesterday I took this picture and all I see is the wonderful planet sun and a stone with a fish head. If I turn the stone to the land side, I see a bird. Nothing is painted or something like that. I think, it’s a bit crazy, I see my initials below. Stones are Art.

Do you see the water and the sand on the stone?
There is a circle on the stone.